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Trenchless Pipelining Service

Root Damage Sewer Pipe Repair

In the past, when a pipe was cracked by tree roots the only permanent solution was to remove the tree, dig up the pipe and install a new sewer pipe. This is no longer needed with the use of CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe). This technology allows us to create a new pipe inside the existing cracked or damaged pipe. This repair can be performed without destroying or digging up your landscaping, sidewalk or driveway.

This method is proven to last a minimum of 50 years* and will prevent future damage, cracks, corrosion and tree root invasion in your sewer pipe. Doing a sewer pipe repair without excavating saves thousands of dollars and time.

After the job is complete the pipe is tested and video inspected

The pipe-liner meets ASTMF1216 specifications: they create a seamless pipe that will seal joints, thinning pipes, corrosion and root invasion.

  • Tree roots
  • Cracked and aging pipes
  • Calcification
  • Ground settlement
  • Process:
  • Identify problem area with sewer pipe video camera
  • Inspect, clean and water jet damaged pipes
  • Insert the liner with the epoxy resin and bladder into the damaged pipes
  • Allow liner with resin time to "Cure"
  • Remove bladder
  • Video camera relined sewer pipe for inspection
  • Pipe is ready for
  • Benefits:

  • No destruction of landscape, driveway, sidewalk or homes foundation
  • No heavy equipment on your lawn, sidewalk or driveway
  • Seamless Piping
  • No more root invasion
  • Increased flow rate
  • More cost efficient

    All work guaranteed for 5 years

    *Studies performed by Independent Testing Companies

  • 24 Hour Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Response Time  -  301.608.0550

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